Auto & Car Insurance

Auto InsuranceAuto or car insurance coverage has two parts. The first is the liability section of the policy. It covers your financial responsibility for injuring others. Some liability coverage is required by most states.

The second part of auto insurance covers the car itself: comprehensive coverage reimburses losses from fire, theft or other perils; collision coverage pays to repair losses caused by an accident. Often this coverage is mandated by leasing companies or banks. There are also ancillary medical, car rental and other coverages which vary by state.

Utilizing high deductibles on the physical damage coverages can help reduce premiums. If you carry umbrella insurance, you must be sure that you carry the required amount of basic liability insurance to avoid a gap in coverage for a serious accident.

Classic Cars

You may have noticed there’s a big difference between collector or classic car insurance policies and regular use policies (auto & car insurance), including cost.

Classic car insurance can save you a significant amount of money and increase your coverage because traditional auto insurance carriers are geared towards insuring a larger volume of vehicles. They simply don’t know how to treat your specialty or collector car. Let one of our Meschter Insurance Group agents talk to you about the best coverage for your

Classic cars are usually considered antique vehicles (15 – 20 years old or older).

Collector cars can also include:
Exotic autos new and old
Muscle cars
Sports cars of all ages
Rare or desirable cars

Meschter Insurance Group is located in Collegeville, PA which is home to many great classic and exotic cars, but where ever you drive your chariot we have you covered. In addition to insuring all of Pennsylvania we can extend our services to both New Jersey and Delaware. We understand what collector car owners want and what kind of collector or classic car insurance is needed to protect their investment for years of enjoyment.

Meschter Insurance offers free, comparative quotes on boat insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

Want to see how much we can save you? Just request a quote to find out.