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Survival Kit Tips

Wow what an eye opener! Now we have a plan for every situation and preparing mentally is a great starting point, thanks Travelers Insurance.... Read Article

Top 10 Small Business Claims – Get Covered

The great news is that you own are happily self-employed at your small business, but setbacks happen, it is a part of life. To make sure you get your bad news turned into good news it helps knowing what is covered by your small business insurance - check out our page about the benefits of a well written Business Owners Policy - BOP. Here is a great... Read Article

How To Save Money On Your Homeowners Insurance

Meschter Insurance can always find you the best rates available but we thought you might want some more information on how you can keep some of your hard earned cash in your pocket with savings on your homeowners’ insurance. Here are eight ways to save on your homeowners’ insurance. Increase Your Deductible As I’ve shared with you earlier, increasing your minimum deductible from the typical... Read Article

How To Choose The Right Insurance Company

We know that choosing the right insurance company isn't always so easy so we compiled the best information out there just for you. When most people shop for auto insurance, they usually just look for an insurance company that offers them the lowest price. They fail to check whether that company is financially secure and pay their claims on time. When you file a claim, you... Read Article

File A Claim Checklist

What should I do at the time of loss? Make sure you are in a safe place. (If loss/accident just happened) Stop the car and get help for any injured drivers or passengers. Call the proper emergency authorities. (If possible) Visit a medical professional. (If needed) Take steps to protect property from further damage. What should I give the police officer? Do not, under any... Read Article