Customer Reviews

  • BJ
    Claim service is excellentRead Full Review

    “As a client of Meschter Insurance for 33 years, we actually filed our first claim in September. Their claim service is excellent, bridging the gap between client and claims adjuster with any questions or problems we had. Everything went smoothly, efficiently, and quickly. Kudos to the Meschter Insurance Team!”

  • BR
    Better insurance with a lower premiumRead Full Review

    “WOW! Was I surprised at the quality of service! Bob was so helpful and courteous, answered all my questions and obtained better insurance with a lower premium. I now tell all my friends and other family members about my wonderful experience with Meschter Insurance.”

  • BP
    $1,100 in annual savingsRead Full Review

    “We received a pleasant and unexpected phone call from the Meschter Insurance Group informing us that in reviewing our automobile insurance coverage, we qualified for a preferred insurance program resulting in $1,100 in annual savings. It is nice to know we have an insurance agent that is always looking out for their clients best interests.”

  • JK
    I received personal attentionRead Full Review

    “What has impressed me most is the way in which I have received personal attention on a first-name basis. I’m a so-called “computer person”, however when I’m dealing with something as important as insurance I much prefer personal contact.”